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2023 Practice Schedule:

For our most up-to-date schedule and to RSVP, please visit

Mon:   6:15 PM      -   All paddle with focus on power


Tues:   No regular schedule.


Wed:    6:15 PM     -   All paddle with focus on technique 


Thur:   No regular schedule


Fri:      No regular schedule.      


Sat:      7:45 AM    -    Paddling for all members  & new paddlers

             9:15 AM    -   Paddling for Mammoglams Team  


Sun:   Closed 


**For use of the training facility during non-scheduled activities, please contact Marty Millard. Additional events and updated event changes will be placed on Meetup. 


All new paddlers should meet at the training center 15 minutes before a paddling session for a brief paddle lesson and to sign a waiver.


If you are using club paddles and/or vests, please come to the Training Center ten minutes early to retreive these items.  


All practices meet here:
(Located in the bldg. on the west end)
Jacksonville, FL. 32250 

What To Expect


  • Please bring a bottle of water 

  • Wear clothes you don't mind getting wet

  • Paddle and PFD will be provided by club

  • Your first three practices are free

  • Expect to get a full-body workout!

Intro to Paddling Video


why pay for a gym membership and paddling dues?  

Our club & training center provides it all for only $30 per month!



The training center is now open at Beach Marine (2305 Beach Blvd., bldg. at the west end) in Jacksonville Beach.  This center provides year-round dragon boat training, paddling camps, exercise programs, and access to all things related to dragon boating.


The Jacksonville Dragon Boat Training Center is equipped with a variety of new machines (Concept 2 Rowers and Ski Erg), exercise balls, step-up blocks, weights, recumbant bike and several OC-1's, as well as a large flat-screen TV for video review, DVD's and music.  We consider this "dryland training".   

To schedule training sessions or corporate outings, please call Marty at 904-536-3475. 





Our Original Training Center

These are pictures from our old building, which has been torn down. We currently meet in the building on the west end of the parking lot. 

Coaching Staff Produces Five World-Class Athletes!

We are fortunate to have a great coaching and fitness staff who are certified dragon boat coaches and very experienced athletes.  In the nine years since we formed the Jacksonville Dragon Boat Club, our coaches have produced five Team USA Athletes.  These coaches give of their time for free and spend endless hours reviewing films, organizing practices/festival participation, recruiting paddlers, caring for the boats/pfd's/paddles, attending coaching clinics, and coaching.  They are the backbone of our club and we are thankful for their help.  ​

Marty "Papa" Millard

Head Coach

Marty has been a member  TEAM USA since 2015.  His most recent TEAM USA Senior C (over 60) set world records winning all of their divisions and eight gold medals at the World Championships in Thailand in August, 2019!  Marty played college football, wrestled, is an Eagle Scout, and a retired U.S. Navy Commander who flew helicopters.  Obviously, he is no stranger to a work ethic and knows how to provide training in a respectable way.  He works us all hard, but also allows us to enjoy special moments on the water to appreciate the wonders of our environment.    

Pat Bradley, Consulting Coach

We are very proud to have a world-reknowned coach assist us in training.  When Pat comes for practice, we all know we are in for a hard workout and truly professional coaching.  

As an ambassador for the sport of dragon boating, Pat has undertaken many ventures to grow the sport world-wide. Pat is the founder of the Belleville Dragon Boat Club of Canada, as well as a sport consultant to many Canadian  & U.S. clubs.  As an elite dragon boat athlete, Pat has competed and coached at many, many World Championships throughout his career.  He was also the head coach for the Senior C Division for IDBF 2019 Team USA, setting world records by winning eight gold medals.

Coach & Athletic Trainer

Stacy was a collegiate rower and has quite an impressive rowing and paddling history.  She is an amazing athlete and very helpful in getting people in shape.   Watching her paddle makes us all want to continue to get better.  Stacy doesn't say much, but when she does, it is always meaningful.  She is a great instructor.

Stacy Koepplin






Drew Rogers

Coach & Trainer

Drew was a Team USA, Senior B (over 50 years) paddler.  He represented the USA in China at the IDBF World Championships in 2017.  He is committed to helping others become the best paddlers they can and has been a great addition to our coaching staff.

Training Information

Jacksonville Dragon Boat Club (JDBC) has team members at various levels of fitness and athletic prowess.  Some of us paddle to be extremely competitive, while others enjoy paddling as a part-time endeavor and a way to stay involved in something fun.  We are happy to have paddlers enjoy the sport of dragon boating and we try to accommodate everyone. 


The training regime varies between teams.  We all have respect for each other, realizing we are all paddling for different reasons.     ​

Personal Training

Our coaching staff will teach each paddler the proper technique and synchronization skills during paddling sessions.  Practice is essential and we encourage everyone to attend at least one practice per week. 


Every paddler is encouraged to improve their stamina and strength by engaging in physical activity off the boat.  Walking, running, weight training, and eating healthy are keys to becoming a better paddler.  The Jacksonville Dragon Boat Training Center is open to all Jacksonville Dragon Boat Club members as part of their monthly dues, offering multiple opportunities for training. 

Group Training


Our coaches have developed a core workout for our team​s to enjoy.  Stretching and warming up prior to each practice is also very important.  We ask that each paddler try to get to practice a few minutes early to participate in warm-up exercises.  This will help us all avoid injuries during practice.

Paddling Clinics


Jacksonville Dragon Boat Club offers paddling clinics throughout the year. 

It includes classroom instruction and on-boat sessions held in Jacksonville, Florida.  


We feature world-class coaching at our paddling clinics and encourage paddlers of all levels to participate.  

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