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Welcome to the Jacksonville Dragon Boat Club

Jacksonville Dragon Boat Club offers individuals in the North Florida region the opportunity to learn how to paddle in a dragon boat in a positive and supportive environment. 


A dragon boat is a forty foot long boat powered by twenty paddlers, one drummer, and a steer. The goal of each paddler is to move the blade as efficiently as possible through the water, while staying in sync with their fellow paddlers, in order to achieve maximum boat speed. Sound tricky?  We've got you covered!


Our coach and training staff are dedicated to helping new paddlers acclimate to the sport. Weekly practices allow our members to build endurance on the water and refine our technique, in order to bring out our best at competitive regional festivals throughout the year.


We are a fun-loving group committed to exercise, teamwork, and promoting the sport of dragon boat through competition. Check out our practice schedule, team information, and more above, or click on the link at the bottom of any page to join a practice.


Join us for New Paddler Practices every Saturday and learn how to paddle!





See you on the water!

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